Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy and our Privacy Policy is best summed up in the following words: We treat you and your data like we’d want us and our data to be treated.

Data Collection:
We do collect some data from you, however we’re not doing it to make money or be evil. This data is only collected when you login or when you resume the application and will only be used for our own statistical research and / or debugging purposes.

Below is a complete list of all the metric data that we collect:
• Device Name (ex: Steve’s iPhone)
• Device Type (ex: iPhone or iPad)
• Device Version (ex: iPhone X)
• Operating System Name (ex: iOS)
• Operating System Version (ex: 10.0)

Data Sharing:
We will never share and / or sell your data with any third party advertiser or marketer. Period.

Data Transmission:
We believe in securing your data and as such, any data sent to our service or to your device is sent over a 256-bit encrypted connection.

We reserve the right to update our Privacy Policy at any time without notice.